Best Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn Mowing and General Maintenance

Are you hustling to keep on top of your lawn growth? Or do you just desire a well maintained and neat lawn without any of the ruckuses? Then Reghon Mowing can provide you with a constant mowing and general maintenance service. Whether it’s fortnightly, random cut or weekly? Whichever fits your requirements!

Lawn Mowing and General Maintenance

Hedge Trimming and Gardening Pruning

Hedges require regular pruning and trimming to keep the exterior of your premises looking clean and well cared for. Reghon Mowing can trim all your hedges and can expel all trimmings for your amenity. We have all of the equipment and experience to make certain they appear their best year round, together with the ability and knowledge to commence the task securely and safely.

Professional Lawn Cutting and Maintenance

Flower Bed Design and Installation

Well-crafted flower beds create a great first impact of any premises. Whether you desire to highlight unique architectural features of your home, enhance a patio alcove, or maximize the privacy of your exterior living space, we can offer you with an exceptional end result. Our professionals are highly skilled and own a great deal of knowledge creating green spaces that are adored by passersby and loved by owners.

Residential Garden Maintenance

Mulching & Gutter Cleaning Services

Reghon Mowing provides a professional mulching and gutter cleaning service. The desire of guttering is to direct the flow of water away from your property, and if they are obstructed then this becomes harmful to the structure. Mulching and gutter cleaning is an excessively inexpensive job which can prohibit very expensive remedial works and hefty bills later.

 Mulching & Gutter Cleaning Services

Shrub and Bush Trimming Services

Establishing your ideal garden is one thing, but perhaps you do not have the time to control it as well as you would like? That's where our professionals can assist - our expert bush and shrub trimming services can just be the thing to assure that your private sanctuary remains perfect throughout the year as it eventually was when it was first crafted.